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    Default By Kilian Travel Set Question

    I'm looking into the By Kilian line and seen the travel atomizer with the refills and noticed the 7ml cartridges just load in there. I was guessing you pour the fragrance into it, but it seems the black atomizer is just a holder and the refills have the pump in them.

    My question is since the 4 -7ml refills just slide into the atomizer/holder can the 50ml refill work with these? I didn't know if the 4-7ml cartridges can be refilled or if you have to buy all new cartridges?

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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    The atomiser is part of the main unit. The refils just screw into the atomiser part. And yes, you can buy the 50ml refil bottles and replenish the empty 7ml bottles.
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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    Thanks for the info. I was confused because sometimes the pictures would show an atomizer on one of the 7ml bottles and I didnt know if all 4 of the 7ml bottle had atomizers on them or if it was a part of the travel holder. I was just curious because I like different By Kilian scents but didnt know if I bought one of their travel atomizers with a certain scent if I couldn't get a different scent in 7ml bottle. I was just making sure before I bought the travel set and locked that atomizer into that scent.

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    I see how they work now. Confusing sellers and pics. I love the silver travel sprayer but wold have to buy the refill for it. I have so many fragrances I dont think I would run though 28 ounces anytime soon.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    Agreed, sometimes the pics are confusing.

    The lid on the travel holder is magnetised and makes it quite nifty.
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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    Sounds good. I'm debating on just getting the silver one and then coming up with a frag to put in it. Debating on some By Kilian either back to black out taste of heaven or straight to heaven.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    All 3 are amazing, although my favourite is B2B, the smell of old style tobacco shops.
    Fine fragrance is alive; it breathes, unfolds and unravels with each passing hour....

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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    Hey Buffering, be careful with different scents using the same atomizer spray. If you're buying the 7.5ml travel bottles individually, they do not always come with a new spray, and I would not use the same spray atomizer for more than one scent.

    However, if you're buying the 7.5ml travel size perfumes that come from the Kilian Discovery Set, then those each have their own spray, so you should be fine.

    Travel refills (these don't have sprays):

    Discovery set (these each come with sprayers, can be easily swapped out of the travel case):

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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    @Prince Barry ya B2B is also leading the pack for me. I love it myself.

    Hobbes I finally seen what was going on. People had picks of them splitting up the sets as individual and selling them as "refills" so that's where the confusion came from. Plus in some of the sites selling the travel kits they didn't have the atomizer in the but on a bottle so i was confused. I would never use another fragrance with the atomizer as another. Thanks for the heads up.

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    Default Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    ok so for posterity purposes I'll explain all the options for the ByKilian line...

    50ml's - there's the standard 50ml package with bottle and box and 50ml of juice. Then there's a 50ml 'refill' which is basically just a bottle of juice with a funnel, which is supposed to be poured back into your original bottle but in theory could be put into any ol' atomizer of your choosing.

    30ml's - There is a travel package for sale that has a black holder, with atomizer, and 30ml (4x7.5ml vials) of one fragrance as a set. What is then sold separately are also just the 30ml (4x7.5ml) 'refill' packs of any fragrance, though no atomizer for the vials is included, so in theory you would have to use one that comes with a holder. You can use the same holder and atomizer and buy a new set of fragrance refills to swap as you pleas but you have to clean the atomizer really well. The holders themselves are also sold separately (including atomizer) and come in Black, Silver/Platinum, and Gold.

    Discovery - lastly, there's a discovery set with all (14?) fragrances from the original series (not the Oud, Asia Tales, or Garden of Good/Evil) and they come as a 7.5ml vial WITH atomizer on them, though no holder is included but they would fit into the holder if you bought one separately.
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