i love this hobby. it gives me enjoyment everyday to put on something and being able to smell great. i have a collection of roughly 15 - 20 bottles and i like to have a rotation. i do categorize mine into the spring/summer and fall/winter because on me some of mine can get cloying when the temperature outside reaches a certain point, and i like to rotate the seasons to not get bored of what i have. i do not see myself ever having more than 50 or 100 bottles, i like to wear what i have. but for me, the end of the road is a long ways away. i dont ever see myself actually completing my collection, but i see myself finding a balance for every situation, season, feeling/emotion, etc. my question for all of you is:

what fragrances do you think brings you closer to finding that feeling of satisfaction/completion/balance etc. etc?

mine are as follows:
- a rose fragrance: im leaning towards egoiste, but i still have more sampling and researching to do.
- more "spring/summer" fragrances: i know many do not categorize their fragrances as either or, and wear them year round. i am not one of those people. for the upcoming spring/summer i am looking at dior homme, dior homme sport, creed aventus and GIT, prada amber, john varvatos artisan, mugler cologne and possibly an aquatic.
- a GREAT vetiver: either guerlain, tom ford GV, etc.
- a "fun" fragrance: yes this is general, but being young still i was thinking of something like diesel fuel for life or aquolina blue sugar. something different and younger.
these could change tomorrow, but as of right now this could possibly bring me that balance im looking for.

what fragrances would help you?