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    Default The Big Bad Wolf

    Here's a fun question, If the Big Bad Wolf were a Rockabilly/Blues singer, what fragrance would he wear? I'm thinking along the lines of something musky woodsy spicy and dark, but with a sweet sensual edge, what do y'all think? ...and If this were some sort of weird cheesy 80's fantasy porno, what scent would his little red riding hood wear?

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    Default Re: The Big Bad Wolf

    Aoud Forest

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    Default Re: The Big Bad Wolf

    Méchant Loup by L'Artisan parfumeur means 'Angry Wolf' aka. Big Bad Wolf

    Not quit sure, but it seems to fit want you want.
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    Penhaligon's Endymion - for the lure and the irony

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    I always associate the 70ies/80ies Powerhouses with Rockabilly. Would it not have become an unpleasant clichee by now, I'd say Drakkar Noir. Kouros, Antaeus, Tuscan Leather maybe.

    Little Red Riding Hood would wear some of those fragrances made for children, smelling like strawberry.
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    Default Re: The Big Bad Wolf

    Bull's Blood by Imaginary Authors

    LRRH would wear some vanilla cookie gourmand thing

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    How about Encre Noire?
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    How can you forget physchobilly?

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    How can you forget physchobilly?

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    Clognefan85, I suppose if the big bad wolf was in a rockabilly band, then It would have to be psychobilly. Sig, I have Encre Noire, it's definitely dark, but I wouldn't say it's sensual or playful and tongue in cheek the way I would imagine a psychobilly big bad wolf to be wearing. I think I like the Idea of 80's powerhouse scents, maybe something sort of gothic with a bit of sweetness and spice. I like the idea of licorice in mechant loup, but I haven't smelled it yet. Lonestar memories sounds really intregring, thanks for that one, I'll have to check it out. Something loud would do, Drakkar noire might work, I don't think it's nearly as popular as it once was, and for good reason, but it might be just obnoxious enough for a roudy psychobilly wolf ;P

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    Yatagan...let the howlin' begin
    and for LRRH - Angel
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