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    Default angel men deals!!!!!!!!

    im trying to find a good deal on angel men! the lowest i have found for the 3.4 is 54ish and for 1.7 36. i have heard people got the 3.7 for just 45! i need a deal like that! ohh and there is all different color of juice... there is a clear one, light blue, dark blue which one should i buy?

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    Default Re: angel men deals!!!!!!!!

    If you have found the large size for around $54, I'd buy it.

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    Default Re: angel men deals!!!!!!!!

    1.OZ for 40 on the A-Men website TM

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    Default Re: angel men deals!!!!!!!!

    I've never heard of a clear angel men.
    I'll give you the names, and a small description, feel free to look at the reviews online. And your best bet for the original A*Men (Blue juice) is on fragrancenet with the 20% off code.

    A*Men = Blue juice, clear star (sweet, chocolatey, with a bit of a tar note).
    Pure Malt = Yellow juice, clear star (sweet, boozy. My personal favorite from the line)
    Pure Coffee = Brown Bottle, Brown Star (not clear!). Self explanatory...smells like coffee apparently.
    Pure Havane = Brown Bottle, Yellow juice/clear star (tobacco and honey is what I was told).
    Pure Shot = White Bottle, Blue Juice. TM's attempt at a fresher fragrance.
    B*Men = Clear Star, Red Juice (Don't know much about it)

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