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Thread: Dark vanilla

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    Default Dark vanilla

    I'm looking for a scent that smells of vanilla/tonka but in a dark and black kind of way. Sweet, warm, extremely dark. Do you have any suggestions? No leather/incense/oud please.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Try Tobacco Vanille
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Quote Originally Posted by N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer View Post
    Try Tobacco Vanille

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Quote Originally Posted by N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer View Post
    Try Tobacco Vanille

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Quote Originally Posted by N.CAL Fragrance Reviewer View Post
    Try Tobacco Vanille
    Quoted for emphasis.
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    If you're looking specifically for Vanilla, then Tobacco Vanille, may be abit too....tobacco-y :P

    Still definitely worth a try!

    I want to say Chergui, just because I love it so damn much, however it probably isn't quite what you're looking for.

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Pure Havane

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Vanille Orientale by Les Senteurs

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Black Orchid

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    L'artisan Vanille Absolument
    Tobacco Vanille

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Micallef Vanille Cuir, Vanille Oriental. Agonist Vanilla Marble or Black Amber.
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Why, Bulgari Black, of course.
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Santal Noble
    Tobacco Vanille
    Check your PM's
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Pure Leather
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Quote Originally Posted by andym72 View Post
    Why, Bulgari Black, of course.
    ^^^ this
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    I second Black Orchid.
    Most worn scents according to my haphazard use of the perhaps my favorites...
    1. Epic Man by Amouage (21 wears)
    2. M7 by Eves Saint Laurent (18 wears)
    3. Leather Oud by Christian Dior (18 wears)
    4. Oud Imperial (black) by Perris Monte Carlo (14 wears)
    5. Russian Tea Ritual by Masque (12 wears)
    6. Fate Man by Amouage (11 wears)
    7. Terre d'Hermes by Hermes (11 wears plus - often not recorded go to scent)
    8. Interlude Man by Amouage (11 wears)
    9. Journey Man by Amouage (11 wears)
    10. Plum Japonais by Tom Ford, Bullion by Byredo, Piper Nigrum by a Lorenzo Villorosi, Pulp by Byredo, Santal Royal by Guerlain (9 wears)

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    I would venture to try SDV. This is a vanilla heavy scent.

    I would not know which constitutes "dark."
    "No elegance is possible without it...perfume is a part of you." Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Dior Homme Intense is co-dominated by a dark syrupy vanilla note along with the cocoa powder. The vanilla in this fragrance has a dark brown texture, not black.

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    You might like LIDGE by Guerlain
    It's a bitter coco fragrance; however, on my skin, it smells like a dark vanilla/chocolate swirl lol

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    My favorite fragrance with vanilla is Tobacco Vanille. The tobacco makes the vanilla dirty, which I love. Much better than a straight up boozy/vanilla fragrance such as SDV.
    Current top 10 (No order):

    1. Pure Havane
    2. Menthe Fraiche
    3. Tobacco Vanille
    4. L'Air Du Desert Marocain
    5. Green Irish Tweed
    6. Fahrenheit
    7. Musc Ravageur
    8. Tonka Imperial
    9. Gucci Pour Homme II
    10. Dior Homme Intense

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Quote Originally Posted by canuck21 View Post
    L'artisan Vanille Absolument
    Tobacco Vanille
    I was going to suggest the same two fragrances.

    I do not enjoy super sweet candy vanilla scents and those two mentioned are excellent. I prefer and own Tobacco Vanille but, it clearly has more tobacco. Sample and decide for yourself

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    For a cheaper option, check out Armand Basi PH. The scent, just like the bottle, is very 'white and black.' Mostly vanilla/tonka, some light spices and florals, and dark guaiac wood.
    ***For sale:

    Iris Pallida 50ml

    Ungaro I 75ml

    and more!

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    +1 for Bulgari Black.
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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    Vanilla may not be the main player but Noir de Noir came to mind.

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    Default Re: Dark vanilla

    x3 for Black Orchid...the Vanilla from the Black Lagoon.
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