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    Default Need Lampe Berger fragrance suggestions please


    Totally new here so thanks for your patience.

    I just bought the Lampe Berger and want to get a scent to go with it. I am hoping you more knowledgable people can help guide me.

    here is what I like, scent-wise.

    1) The smell of an ancient Italian Catholic church with the years of candles, old wood, and Frankincense (I am only guessing that is what the scent is).
    2) John Galliano Diptypue candles with the hint of smoke.
    3)those discontinued Votivo Tomato Leaf candles. (why did they discontinue them?)
    4) L'Artisan fragrance L'eau de Navigateur
    5) haven't smelled it in ages but I used to like Opium.

    Does this give you any idea of what I love? I would say: masculine over feminine, woody, smoky, musky, earthy, "oriental", etc.

    Here is what I don't like, scent-wise

    1) girly, floral stuff
    2) patchouli
    3) cinnamon-y citrus stuff
    4) sugar, "caramel" baking kind of stuff
    5) the smell that wafts out of cheap candle stores

    If you can offer some ideas for the Lampe Berger I would be really grateful!


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    Default Re: Need Lampe Berger fragrance suggestions please

    Welcome to the world of catalytic fragrance lamps - I bought my first one about 2 years ago, and I love them. So much better for scenting a room than candles.

    One of the things you might want to try is making your own fragrance fuel. It is very simple and you will save hundreds of dollars a year if you can find a fragrance you really like. I have only purchased one bottle of Lampe Berger fuel (Borneo Teakwood). All of the rest of the fuel I have consumed over the last 2 years I have made myself...because I am really picky about this stuff.

    To make your own fuel, you need a bottle of 91% (NOT 70%!! It won't work) isopropyl alcohol (I buy mine at CVS - 32oz for $3.29), a disposable pipette with at least 1/2 milimeter markings, and a 15ml (or more) bottle of quality crafters fragrance oil in your desired scent. If you want to make smaller quantities of fuel than a full bottle at a time, you should also get a digital kitchen scale that measures in grams.

    Here is all you have to do: put 9.5ml of fragrance in the 32oz bottle of alcohol, shake it thoroughly, let it sit over night, and then use.

    You can adjust the amount of fragrance depending on how strong you want it, but I find that 1ml fragrance/100ml alcohol is a good starting point. The most potent oil I dilute down to 1ml/360ml, with many landing around 1ml/150ml.

    If there are mainstream fragrances that are the same idea as you would like to fragrance your home, you can probably find a crafters dupe. So if you love "Opium" or "Angel" or Chanel No. 19, etc..., chances are you can find a reasonable facsimile in the crafters market. is a good place to start for those. They have a lot of choices, but the accuracy varies from one oil to another. Some are really dead on, others are ghosts of the idea, and still others miss the mark entirely. And not every fragrance makes a good Lampe Berger fuel. You just have to test.

    For winter, my current favorites are a dupe of Un Bois Vanille from Daystar Candles. com, a dupe of Molton Brown Black Pepper and a dupe of Costes that I get from, a dupe of Donna Karan "Black Cashmere" that I get from SaveonScents, and then a whole host of scents that I blend myself using a combination of different fragrance oils that I found lacking individually, but when blended with other complimentary or contrasting fragrances have found new, more complex and interesting possiblities. A great example of this was a blend of "A*Men" that I made where I emphasized the coffee element a bit more to make it less "personal" and to make it more about the scent of a place.

    I find that sweet and deep fragrances tend to work better than bright, light, water-y fragrances, although one favorite for summer is a Bobbi Brown Beach dupe. The heat of the lamp tends to shift the balance of a fragrance in some unpredictable ways, so you can never be quite sure whether something will work out until you try it.

    If you are feeling adventurous, you should give it a shot. It's not complicated, you can create a scent just for yourself, and you will save a lot over branded fuel.

    PS: You can also try your personal fragrances as the scenting source of a fuel. 10 sprays of personal fragrance into an empty container per 10/15 ml of alcohol is a good place to start. Shake, let it sit overnight in a bottle with the cap on tight, and test.

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    Default Re: Need Lampe Berger fragrance suggestions please

    Wow! Thank you LA2000. Thanks for your encouragement and your detailed information.

    I know SaveonScents from when I tried making my own scented candles, thinking that if I really put my mind to it I could make wonderful candles without spending $70 on each one. Boy, was I wrong. I picked all the scents I thought I would like (smoke, cedar, etc, etc) and they all smelled really awful to me - individually and in all the combinations I tried. (the "smoke" had only a distant smoke smell and lots of really gag-ish floral smells). To me (and perhaps I just picked the wrong scents?) it all smelled exactly like the cheap candle stores that give me a headache. Boy was I humbled!

    I see now that there is a lot to the "art of the nose." I tried again using natural essences but have never been happy.

    I saw a video about how they mix scents at Votivo and how many of the individual scents are horrible (cat pee smell, for instance) but when mixed they do their job for a unified scent that is pleasing.

    I will attempt again because of your enthusiasm. I was skeptical of the dupes but if you believe in them I will give it a go.

    Right now, however, I have about 200 dollars worth of fragrance oils ("old leather" ...not) in my basement so I have been feeling pretty dejected about my ability to mix my own fragrance successfully.

    thanks for the encouragement - badly needed.

    best wishes.

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    Default Re: Need Lampe Berger fragrance suggestions please

    Your story sounds so familiar to me. I began with the same ambitions (candles) and quickly learned how difficult it was to create a satisfactory result. As it turned out,the education and the journey were far more fulfilling than any of the candles that resulted from my experiments. Even when I would manage a nice scent, there inevitably would be some other problem that would prevent the result from working 100%.

    Since you have a very specific vision of what you are looking for, perhaps you should begin by turning a favorite fragrance or room spray into a lampe berger fuel. If you have the Diptyque Galliano, try whipping up 30ml of fuel (20-25 sprays + 30ml of alcohol) and see how it reacts. That should give you about an hour and a half of scent fuel. Galliano, Bond No. 9. Silver Factory, and Avignon are the three fragrances which embody my own winter home fragrance ambitions, and I for one would be very curious to know how they perform in reality.

    I tried the "smoke" fragrance oil, and while I was able to put it to good use as a minor note in a candle, it has never worked for me in lamp fuel. It smelled more dirty than smokey. The closest I have come to something that smelled complex and smokey and pleasant in lamp fuel was the Donna Karan Black Cashmere dupe. I didn't care for it in candles. I found it heavy and oily smelling, but in fuel, it had a lighter, sweeter, smokey vibe that I did like. That and a blend of Molton Brown Black Pepper combined with a very clean and bright frankincense and myrrh from another vendor are the only "dark and smokey" fuels I have so far managed. The Black Pepper blend is my "dry" scent, and the Black Cashmere is warmer and sweeter without being truly gourmand.

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    Default Re: Need Lampe Berger fragrance suggestions please

    Hello people,

    I love effusion lamps and always got the amazing Lampe Berger fragrances. I live in San Francisco, but Lampe Berger does not ship any more to California. There are some other brands such as La Tee Da, Alexandria's, Sophia's etc., but they seem like cheap imitations and smell weak/bad. Sophia's is the worst of the lot.

    I love these lamps and have been using Lampe Berger oils/fragrances and feel lost without them! I have tried some independent ones on Ebay or Etsy but they are kinda hits or misses. Any other fragrance oil brands someone can recommend? Thanks

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