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    Default How to look classier in the summer?

    Hello guys.
    In the winter I wear a dress shirt under a v neck sweater, blazers, jackets and scarves. Its really easy for me to naturally create a "classier look"(I don't know how is this look's called in english). I usually dress like this - and this in the winter. Now in the summer I'm just wearing polos/tshirts and jeans I think it's too simple, I find it really hard to create summer looks. Could you guys help me showing some fashion blogs with summer looks?

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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    I much prefer shirts to polos and tshirts. Cotton or linen shirts are as light as tshirts, but can look much better. If it's warm, you can fold the sleeves to the elbow. Or use sleeveless shirts - some people think they're a little geeky, but not to me-as long as one is careful with the print. I use sleeveless shirts a lot in DC's hot weather.

    Jeans with a shirt are fine for a young person, but if you want something lighter, linen, light cottons or light wools are even better. Since you live in Brazil, you can also use nice colors for the pants, like pale green, light blue, pink - a white shirt with pale green pants and light colored loafers seems perfect.

    For even classier looks, in Italy we use a lot suits made of "fresco lana", ie very light wool. But these tend to be very expensive, because the fabric needs to be very good to remain light and fresh.


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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    I much prefer shirts to polos and T-Shirts. Cotton or linen shirts are as light as T-Shirts, but can look much better.

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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    I usually combine either polos or short-sleeved dress shirts with lighter fabric, yet still quite formal suit pants, sometimes also less casual cord pants; during less hot summers, even with long-sleeved dress shirts and suit coats of a less thick fabric. Loafers are also frequently worn.

    Don't know which fashion blogs to recommend yet, but my short recommendations above pretty much sum up the regular outfits I wear, whenever summer wear requires less casual fashion choices.

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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    Don't wear sandals and wear a shirt with a collar under a linen or light-weight coat. No tie required, but bare toes and tee-shirts don't add to a fashionable image.
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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    Thank you guys!!

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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    linen blazer for sure
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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    Shoes are one of the most evaluated accessories in a man’s wardrobe. In spring/ summer, I will select shoes, then select jeans or chinos based on the shoes I have -- not the other way around.

    Girls actually look at shoes! I will add a pair of handmadebrogues . Girls will give you sexual looks all the time. The classy brogues will make your outfit irresistible! The brogues will always give you a sophisticated look and one thing is for sure: you will never have a lack of self-confidence if you’ll feel good in your Handmade brogues .

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    Default Re: How to look classier in the summer?

    V neck polos look so much more refined/sharp than your average polo. Look into them, you will not regret it.

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