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    Default Some Questions about A&F Woods

    I happened to be cleaning out a drawer in our guest bathroom the other day and came across an old tube of Abercrombie & Fitch's Woods Shaving Cream (original formulation, which was part of a gift set I had received many years ago). I shook it up, popped the top and gave it a good whiff. Ahhh, I forgot how nice, simple and masculine that stuff smelled. Anyway, my original bottle was used up and thrown out quite a few years ago and I didn't think much of it at the time, because I wasn't really that into fragrances back then. Smelling it again now, however, it really brought me back and I remember how much I liked that cologne.

    So, I jumped onto BN, dug around a little in the old threads and saw that it was reformed a couple of years ago and then seemed to be pulled again rather quickly. My guess is, with Fierce and other more modern fragrances, it just didn't appeal to the newer generations. I also see the ridiculous prices the vintage stuff is going for on ebay. I mean, c'mon, it's a nice smelling frag, but really?!? Pushing $200 + for a 50ml is just insane. Anyway...I'd love to have this, or something very, very similar to it back in my collection, but have a few questions for those that are familiar with the vintage stuff:

    Was the newest formulation (2010 I think) anywhere close to the original in smell and strength?

    Which fragrance (that's readily available today) do you feel most closely resembles vintage A&F Woods?

    Thanks for any input you can provide, as I just didn't find anything real definitive in the older threads about it.

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    Default Re: Some Questions about A&F Woods

    Perhaps Montale Wood & Spices.

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    Default Re: Some Questions about A&F Woods

    Woods reminds me of Drakar Noir, but soapier and less hairy chested.
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    Default Re: Some Questions about A&F Woods

    There is nothing quite like it. Only similarities.
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    Default Re: Some Questions about A&F Woods

    Thanks hednic, I'll have to see if I can find a sample of the Montale!

    Haha, yes, megaboogie, I'd agree, which is one reason I think I liked it so much. Always liked DK, but Woods just felt easier & more versatile to wear for me.

    Sadly, scentologist, I fear you may be right. Still really curious about the reform though, as you can still find that for a reasonable price. Does anyone know if the reform was close enough to the original?

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