Yes, I did search, however, I wanted to find something suited more for me, I guess.

Hi, I'm 15 and I'm searching for a mild, casual and not too common fragrance I'm looking to use everyday, I also shower everyday (whenever I'm going to school). My style is, well, not the douchey style if you know what I mean, so I would prefer to not have a "douche-fragrance" that is too overwhelming.

My general style of clothes and hair is casual/indie/fashionable, I'm rather tall, skinny, pale, blonde and blue-eyed, and my general haircut is "side bangs" or how you should call it. Don't know if that's important to know, but I'd think so.

I'm unable to go try out in "perfume shops" or whatever, because there's none around here. But I'm willing to order from the internet, just throw at me your advice. Is 75$ a reasonable price? I'm willing to go higher but I thought 75$ sounded reasonable for my age etc.

Also a sidenote of how I apply fragrances, I just spray once on my left wrist, rub it against the right wrist and then rub both wrists against the back of my neck. Basically I like to use as little as possible and not overwhelm people with the smell, but if they get near (like sitting right next to me) they'll feel it.

Also, I'd rather not have that mint-smell if you know what I mean. I think I want something.. fruity? Thanks in advance.