What fragrance at first have you disliked, but now enjoy? I'm sure there are a few like this for everyone...As for me it would be L'Homme Libre by Yves Saint Laurent. At first I felt that it was to feminine with it's Violet dry down. But this last few weeks I have been wearing it and I am enjoying it. I still get a Violet dry down, but now with almost a pear juice sweetness. Its a very smooth fragrance IMO. And I have received a few compliments from my G/F. She had asked why I haven't worn this and telling me how much she enjoys it on me. This is starting to become a favorite of mine. Btw for those who haven't smelt this fragrance It can def labeled as a unisex fragrance. I will be continuing to wear this for the next week as see how it holds up.

I am getting a full 8 hours of longevity, and Its projection is high on my skin. " Based on cold Weather"