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    Default Vagabond Prince : A new perfume from....Fragrantia ??

    Got an e-mail from Fragrantica today, notifying me about a give-away for a new perfume, Vagabond Prince, blended by the well-known nose, Bertrand Duchaufour.

    Well cool; a new perfume company that only releases ONE perfume ? Now there's a refreshing idea !

    However, when I went to the companies official website, all the links for information sent me back to... Fragrantica pages.

    When I went to the trademark page, the person who held the trademark for this perfume also held one other trademark - the trademark for the Fragrantica website.

    Cool, is what I say, and hopefully the perfume turns out to be something worthy, even if there's currently no information provided on how to buy the darn thing.
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