I saw a reviewer's video saying pure malt is very different from angel men. But I also found some people in the forum saying pure malt is 80% angel men. I already have angel men and I really curious about pure malt, and I will have to blind buy this seeing it is hard to find in local stores. So my question is: Does it smell like angel men ? I'm really starting out and I cant afford to have 2 very
simillar fragrances right now.

Same question about DHI and LIDGE. I already have DHI, does it smells like LIdGE?
If they smell different I'm probably going to blind buy both seeing that are 2 fragrances very hard to find.

Again, I'm not asking who wins, I'm asking how different theu smell, because if they smell very like each other it is not worth for me to buy them seeing that I'm not a collector (unfortunately my student budget doesnt allow me )
Sorry if these questions may br annyoinf to you guys but we are talking about hard to find fragrances, if it was one million x le male I would just go to the local store and smell