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    Since I am new to this forum, I wonder if you know these atomiser's by SEN 7.
    These are, at least for me, the first ones that I find very masculine in shape.
    Lucky enough there are many different colours so they do work for ladies as well.
    It's shape is ideal to have in your pocket, with or without the leather pouch.

    The can be filled from every parfum bottle and when it's a splash bottle,
    SEN 7 has a different atomiser for that.
    I have a couple now since last august and they work very well.
    Happy New Year!

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    First time I've seen them but they look pretty nifty.

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    I just looked at their distribution list and I only notice now,
    that their products are still only available in Europe and Russia, unless you order on line,
    from their .com webshop.

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    I can't say I have any experience with the Sen7 atomiser, but I think it would be worth comparing to other travel-safe atomizers. For example, there's a series of them at this website:
    The same ones are available via other online retailers as well.
    My point is that you can buy 10 of them for the price of a single Sen7, and in multiple colours. (You'd have to find your own leather case, though.) I've used them for years.

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    I know that there are cheaper versions and for ladies they are absolute fine,
    since they look like a lip stick.
    But personally I don't want to be seen with one of those in my pocket. LOL!
    The looks of the SEN 7 is more masculine, but it does have a price, you're very right.

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