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    Default fake or real angel men?

    okayy so i just got my angel men in the mail today. I bought it from ebay, i looked at the seller's feedback everyone was saying he was selling authentic colognes! Just to make sure its real here is what i have on teh bottom of the bottle.
    eau de tolette
    50 ml 1.7 fl oz
    some other stuff

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    Default Re: fake or real angel men?

    It would help if you post some pictures. If you are unable to post some, try and enter the code in the mugler website "circle" section and see if it is a valid code.
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    Default Re: fake or real angel men?

    when i bought it, it didn't come with a box, it was just wrapped.

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    Default Re: fake or real angel men?

    Hard to know for sure, but it looks OK.

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    Default Re: fake or real angel men?

    okay so i took it to macy's and compared the two, the sale assocaite said theirs was heavier and stronger and mine was fake? and she looked teh color of the juice hers was dark blue while mine was light blue. than i took it to this other store and theirs was clear and when we sprayed it they kinda smelled the same but different colors? but everything looked excatly the same! do you think the lady at macy's trying to scare me? please help

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    Default Re: fake or real angel men?

    Not to worry, it's 100% authentic. A*men has not been counterfeited.
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    Default Re: fake or real angel men?

    Looks real to me.

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