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    Red face Tom Ford Black Violet review

    i showered off the virgin island water at the gym tonight and applied my sample of Tom Ford Black violet......when i first applied this i got a good whiff of a nice standard woody opening as is noticed in many "black" it dried down i noticed the violet more and sort of smells like those violet candies that come in a purple wrapper(c howards violet pastilles or something like that).....most of the time when you buy a fragrance that has floral notes they are in the top and quickly fade, but this fragrance the violet seems to become more pronounced over time as if the base of this fragrance was violet and the opening and middle is wood....this fragrance is very nice and it may make it on my to buy list...seems like it has quality ingredients...i applied it at 6:30 tonight and i am getting faint whiffs of it every now and again and i applied it very lightly(a few swabs of the sample stick, which is basicly next to nothing)

    when i smell this frag i think of powdery violet flowers growing on a dry log of wood....or a man dressed in a black suit with a few violets on his lapel
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Violet review

    Very interesting assessment.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Violet review

    I love Black Violet! Just wish that i can afford it.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Violet review

    This is one I want to try.

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    Nice description! I love Black Violet - I think this is the most underrated Tom Ford fragrance.
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    I got in on a split of this for my wife. She really likes this fragrance and I enjoy smelling it on her.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Violet review

    Sounds like one to check out.

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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Violet review

    I would like to try this one too!
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    Default Re: Tom Ford Black Violet review

    I found his non-Private Blend release Violet Blonde much more interesting and wearable than this.
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    I have a decant of this. It's one of my favorites. Oddly enough, it smells very much like M7 on me, though the BV has better longevity. I can tell the difference between the two, but my husband can't. I'd love to smell this on a man.

    For a woman, I always think of this as black lace lingerie under a tailored black suit. Same vibe as OP.

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    FWIW, I like Violet Blonde, too, but in my opinion they're like a photo and it's negative. For once, the packaging tells the right story. VB may be my next FB purchase.

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