Murdocks are a high class barbers and male grooming specialists which has five shops in the London area and was established in 2006.

They have their own range of shaving and grooming products along with six colognes which are: Black Tea, Patchouli, Fougere, Bright Leaf, Avalon and Vetiver. These are sold online at their website and at selected UK stores.

On the net there is little if any information on any of these fragrances so as I own four scents from their range I thought I would start a thread for people who are or maybe interested in these fragrances and want to know more about them.

It opens with a fresh soft spicyness with clove, basil and nutmeg and smells really good. This is followed by a really wonderful black tea note that makes the scent a bit refreshing. As time moves forward you get some leather mixing in with the masculine spice followed by a musky woodyness. The scent has arm length projection and starts to quiten down after four hours then becoming a skin scent by hour five which is not bad for a cologne as some EDT's have the same longevity.

The fragrance is of a high quality and the way the leather and spice mix together is good and I'm especially impressed with the strong black tea note which adds a extra dimension to the leather and spice. It is very masculine and a good modern barbershop cologne showing how the barbershop cologne has evolved compared to Trumpers, Floris scents etc.

It opens with lavender mixed in with green fern like spices that makes the fragrance smell fresh, clean and soapy. After a while it starts to get mossy and a bit herbal with some woods. In the basenotes the soapy green fern like spicyness gets more warmer as the lavender dissipates and the green spicy moss remains.

I have to say the projection is very good but not in a way that it shouts across the room but in a way that you are surrounded in a halo of aromatic green soapy spice. I get about five hours longevity with this cologne.

IMO this scent is the true modern successor to the old classic's of Wild/English fern as it is done in a modern way but has kept the traditional roots of the classic Fougere with the lavender, green fern like spices and a good dose of oakmoss without the temptation of adding other popular notes.

So to sum up the scent is a very fresh, soapy soft lavender mixed in with herbal green fern like spices that is aromatic and mossy that lasts for five hours. A good clean barbershop scent.

It opens with a fresh soft spicyness with patchouli, cardamom with a dose of pepper and it smells very nice. The patchouli is very earthy and low key, it never overwhelms but is subtlely blended amongst other notes but is still the spicy heart of the fragrance.

I can pick up some florals in the midnotes mixing with the earthy spicy patchouli which is probably what is giving the scent that freshness in the opening. In the basenotes you can smell the earthy patchouli on a light bed of Frankincense and I have to say it smells really nice .

The marketing is spot on with this scent as I find it sensual & mysterious and also a bit sexy, a good light spicy modern barbershop cologne that never overwhelms or outstays it's welcome. I get about five hours in longevity and it has arm length projection.

Another Murdock winner for me and this is going straight into my rotation, I just love the modern barbershop style of this house where the fragrances are clean,masculine and can be worn anywhere and at anytime. A big thumbs up from me!

This opens with a rich tobacco leaf that has a hint of sweetness mixed in with a strong cedar wood. It does smell like the bottom of a old humidor where you can detect hints of sweet tobacco and woods. It opens a little fresh then gets warmer but is also light in the barbershop way.

Those that like Havana by Aramis would probably like this as well as it is not a million miles away from it. It's just the tobacco is done differently where in Havana it is a spicy musky tobacco, in Bright leaf the note is richer and slightly sweet with lots of cedar.

I like it and I do get the references to Cuba in the marketing. It lasts about five hours like the others and has arm length projection.

The following fragrances I have not tried but here are the marketing banners with a little info on them.