Hi there, I'd be really grateful for some advice on oakmoss concentration please. I am new to perfumes and would like to try making small quantities to sell online. I absolutely love oakmoss and would like to use it if possible. I have 2 questions:
First: if I used oakmoss absolute in a perfume which was for sale would it have to be analysed by a chemist first to prove the concentration falls within the IFRA guidelines?
Second: the IFRA guidelines seem to say you are allowed to use up to 0.1% oakmoss in the formula. Does this mean that if I made some eau du toilette total volume of 400cc that I would be allowed to include up to 0.4cc oakmoss? Or does 'formula' just refer to the blend of essential oils used? In which case, if for example a perfume contained a total of 60cc essential oils (to be later diluted in alcohol), that you would only be alowed to use 0.06cc oakmoss?
Thanks in advance, Makita86