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    Default Bond no 9 samples

    I had Bn9 representative call me out of the blue several weeks ago and discussed the many types of Bn9 fragrances. She saw that I had purchased two packs of 3 samples each a while back, and we discussed my feelings. I told her that I owned NY Amber, and loved it. She offered to send me some samples of frags I hadn't tried yet, and I was excited to try them. They never arrived, and I haven't heard from Bn9 since. They were free, so I shouldn't complain that I never got them, but It does kinda irk me. Last samples I got from them came short on the postage, so I had to drive to the post office, and pay the postage!! Anyone else have problems with Bond no. 9?
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    Default Re: Bond no 9 samples

    Those free samples might still arrive when you least expect it.

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    Default Re: Bond no 9 samples

    No experience, but it's not really complaining to report that the Bon-bons you were promised never arrived. There are lots of possible reasons, but if I were a company and promised you something that never arrived, I would want to know about it.

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    Default Re: Bond no 9 samples

    Being that Bond isn't known to send free samples, yes I would ask and find out whats going on...

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    Default Re: Bond no 9 samples

    I've never had them call and ask me what I thought about samples I'd ordered. They have called to confirm whether I received stuff though. Obviously, possum-pie, your opinion is of greater value than mine

    I've placed orders over the phone with Bond and I've mailed them more than one of those cards they put in boxes with the bottles, so I think I'm on their list of people who get frequent freebies. I've received both free samples and bon-bons of scents, usually when they've released something new. More than once though, the cover letter will say they are sending the new scent for me to try but what is actually sent isn't new at all. I wondered if maybe an enterprising employee switched them out because the brand new scents fetch more on eBay than the stuff that's been around a long time.
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