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    Default Impressions after sampling Krigler - Established Cognac 66

    I just got through with the sample pack after learning about it through Robes08. It sounded interesting so I ordered it from Krigler.

    Smelling it from the sample it is definitely very boozy. Possibly one of the boozy-est I've ever smelled. At first it is as I almost poured some cognac onto my skin. Shortly however, it turned into a very rich, masculine, sweet smell. It gives off a candied/caramel lemon citrus/apple vibe. the boozyness goes away quickly. The fragrance develops and almost syurpy vube. its definitely a very short lived top note. At the beginning projection and sillage are low and it just dies down from there. After 2 hours its almost a skin scent. This is a very linear smell. After 4-5 hours its gone.

    I am going to order another sample to compare it head to head with Frapin 1270.

    Overall, I really enjoy the smell. It has a very mature vibe to it. 30ish and up. I feel like Im in a new car with brown leather seats and I just left a holiday party. On the passenger seat nexto to me are some leftover sweets in my car and a hint of a "for the road drink" on me. To me it is very unique and rich. I think it is a def fall/winter/spring scent. I'm out of it and want to smell it again. The only drawback is the price (255$ for 100ml), and longevity.

    This is a definite try before you buy.
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    Default Re: Impressions after sampling Krigler - Established Cognac 66

    Krigler has a very good cedarwood note in several of the masculines. Also, Jazzy Riviera is a splendid citrusy,woodsy perfume. The masculines don't last more than 2-3 hours on my skin, but they are rather elegant. On the other hand, the feminines are killer for longevity, but too ladylike for me to try and wear. As far as boozy goes though, I think you will find the Frapin compares more than favorably to the Cognac.

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    Default Re: Impressions after sampling Krigler - Established Cognac 66

    Thanks for sharing, will be interested to try this one- especially the cognac note, since I never disliked, in fact quite liked and still do, most of the boozy scents.

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    Default Re: Impressions after sampling Krigler - Established Cognac 66

    Thanks for the information. I tried Krigler One a long time ago and really enjoyed it. As a fan of boozy scentsIm going to order some of the samples from Krigler. Are there anymore I should?
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    Default Re: Impressions after sampling Krigler - Established Cognac 66

    Ok I got my hands on a friends sample of this earlier today and put it on one wrist and frapin 1270 on the other.

    The EC66 is a stronger projector than the 1270 at first.
    Initially the frapin smells smoother because the EC66 has a sharp almost lemon note. That note however goes away in about 15 mins and turns into a smooth caramel. The frapin 1270, is well the same, it is very linear to me.

    If i had to pick one that smells more cognac like it may be the EG66. The better smelling one to me at this point is the Frapin 1270.

    The Frapin 1270 captures the aroma and spirit of the cognac making process (the wood, fruits) while the EG66 is more of the smell of the cognac itself.

    That being said. I do enjoy the EG66 but would have a hard time buying it because these two frags give off the same vibe and are similar performers. These two fragrances have the same overall versatility, sillage, projection, and longevity. You would spray these in the same scenarios. Both evoke a feeling of warmth.

    If you have Frapin 1270 I wouldn't run out and blind buy this just yet, if ever.

    If you don't have either of these and were looking to purchase one or the other, you would have to love the EG66 smell because it is 115 dollars more.

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