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    Hello, I went to Zara buy some clothes today and I tested the zara cedarwood fragrance, I really liked it and it was cheap so I bought it. I'm sure it smells like a famous fragrance, something I've tried in a store before... I can't remember exactly what fragrance was. The notes of zara cedarwood are: Lemon, pepper, geranium, cedar and sandalwood. Using the advanced search I couldn't find something famous with this notes.. Do you guys have any ideia?

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    Maybe Chopard Noble Cedar or L'Occitane Cedre?

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    @hednic No, I never tried them. I'm still trying to remember... I think it was a very famous designer like Hugo Boss,armani... My olfactive memory is very bad :'/

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    Probably Gucci Rush
    Top notes of... sweat, gasoline, motor oil; a heart of deer musk and gunpowder, resting on a base of sex and testosterone... Mandom.

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    It was definitely Azzarro Visit!
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