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    Default Kerosene r'oud elements review

    recieved the entire line up of all the kerosene fragrances that came from the perfumed court in a nice velour asian dragon sack(but there was no caps on any of the spray bottles, weird)..anyway i thought i would start out with johns first release of R'oud elements.

    i sprayed this on about 2 hours ago(1 spray) and it is just as potent now as the moment i sprayed it on......for the firs hour i was trying to picture what this frag smelled like or the notes (besides oud) was boggling my mind because i could not figure it out until i just read a review and someone mentioned "ORANGE MARMALADE"...and it hit me all of a sudden...this frag smells like orange marmalade (the good kind gourmet kind of orange marmalade that you get from a speciality store like wegmans thats imported from england and is dark and burnt)...they should have called this fragrance "Orange marmal-OUD".

    quite nice.......if you are a fan of proper english orange marmalade you will love this.

    i am kind of dissapointed that none of these sample spray bottles came with a cap though. last thing i need is this to spray in my gym bag
    14 sprays of DRAKKAR NOIR should do it

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    Default Re: Kerosene r'oud elements review

    Saw a few reviews on utube about R'oud elements. Seems like a good one. Thanks for the info.
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    Default Re: Kerosene r'oud elements review

    When I tried this in NY recently personally didn't think much of it.

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    Default Re: Kerosene r'oud elements review

    I found it to be far too dry for my taste. Reminded me of burnt wood.

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    Default Re: Kerosene r'oud elements review

    I couldn't smell it after a few hours, but I received a couple compliments on it. Both from guys. It smelled good as long as I could detect it. I need to sample again.

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    Default Re: Kerosene r'oud elements review

    I liked it quite a bit. It's the only one of his fragrances i would consider FBW at this point. Wood Haven smells great but has zero longevity. I think maybe he just needs to figure out what he's doing a bit more before he moves into the big leagues.

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    Default Re: Kerosene r'oud elements review

    I think R'Oud Elements is indeed well crafted and doesn't smell "cheaper" then most mid-priced fragrances. Yet the scent is really not my cup of tea and I think the price is too high. Not sure why there are only 100ml bottles either. One would think a fellow perfume freak should know that's not ideal.
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    Default Re: Kerosene r'oud elements review

    All in the line were good, I thought, but this was not my favorite. My 2 faves were Whips and Roses (a wild and crazy feminine ) and Fields of Rubrus. Was not that impressed with Creature to begin with, but once it developed for a while, thought it was good too, in a green sort of way.

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