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    Default Office / Dicreet Scent

    I am looking for a discreet and subtle scent for my office.

    Would the Blenheim Bouquet candle from Penhaligons be a good choice?

    I generally like "British Gentleman" scents and would appreciate any tips or recommendations.

    Many thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: Office / Dicreet Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by newtrane View Post
    Would the Blenheim Bouquet candle from Penhaligons be a good choice?
    I don't see why not. Not overpowering at all.

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    Default Re: Office / Dicreet Scent

    I was going to say that candles in offices could create problems with coworkers, but I see you're in Abu Dhabi, where this is certainly not an issue. The Penhaligon's is certainly good and discreet, though I personally prefer Diptyque or Parfums de Nicolai. Many choices there, in Diptyque perhaps Myrrhe or Opoponax are the more classic and masculine. In de Nicolai, Vetiver de Java (leathery) or Maharadjah (oriental).

    I'm sure some locals will be able to suggest also some local wood chips, which likely smell better still.


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    Default Re: Office / Dicreet Scent

    Many thanks for your recommendations!

    I am actually based in Switzerland, sorry for my mistake.

    On the Parfums de Nicolai website I notice that there are different options: candles, lamps, sprays or diffusers. What would you recommend?

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    Default Re: Office / Dicreet Scent

    I have tried the candles and the lamp ring (it's a terracotta ring that you put on a warm surface, like a lamp or a heater, then drop a few drops of oil on them). Both excellent. I would imagine the diffusers (with bamboo sticks) are the most discreet, and thus perhaps the most appropriate for an office, but as said I have not tried them. While the candles aren't extremely potent, I wonder if they could be too much for a typically small space like an office.

    The website, which I just checked, seems to have a limited selection of candles. In their store, they have a full series both of candles and of oils.


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    I would suggest that you would probably enjoy the candle, but your colleagues may not. Perhaps the best thing to do would be to try it out in the office, and if the don't like it, you could always use it at home? 😉

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    Default Re: Office / Dicreet Scent

    If the area is not too enclosed, then go for it. At least it won't smack of cheap candles found in walmart on sale.
    Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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    Default Re: Office / Dicreet Scent

    Rather than a candle I would recommend a catalytic fragrance lamp (lampe berger or something similar). You can load them up for the full day and dilute the fragrance with 91% isopropyl alcohol if need be to create a constant, pleasing, ambient fragrance at your desired intensity. The benefit is that, after the initial 2 minute burn to ignite the lamp, there is no open flame so you don't have to worry about burning the office down. They are also smokeless, so you don't have to worry about co-workers who may object to a smokey candle. And they are very effective at scenting a space quickly.

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