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    How many notes and ingredients (making a distinction between these 2) do your fragrances generally contain?

    What is considered to be the upper limit of notes that one should attempt to incorporate?

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    Though I am still a rank amateur, my perfumes have about 6 - 20 ingredients, many of which are essential oils, which themselves are combinations of hundreds of odorous molecules. Looking over my various attempts at perfumes, there's usually about 12 - 14 ingredients. Commercial perfumes often consist of dozens, if not hundreds of individual components. There was a great listing published about a year ago in which it was shown that a commercial perfume has 57 ingredients. It's worth a look, just to see what is really in some things:

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    I've been working with 2 - 10 different ingredients. At this time, I am using only natural ingredients, but that's not because I'm opposed to synthetics. It's only because I'm a novice and don't yet know how to use other than EOs and absolutes. Today I started a blend using 4 ingredients for the base and 2 for the top. No middle to this blend. I'll let it rest for about a week and then add some Everclear. After that, I'll let it rest some more.

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    Thanks guys. My first creation has 11 notes, all EOs. Then adding Everclear.

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