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Thread: Real Deer Musk?

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    Default Real Deer Musk?

    I found a website that sells musk, called agarscents bizaar, but is are they real genuine deer musks? Are there any other places that sell genuine musk? I don't care about the price, as long as it is the real thing.

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    I am sure you are aware there are serious ethical issues involved with real musk. These animals are nearly extinct. With that said, I would look here to get the genuine thing, which, if I recall correctly they claim is from a farmed source, although that is hard to verify and even then there are ethical issues:

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    Please do not use a real animal musk! When it absolutely should be natural for use, then take Ambrett seeds (musk Ambrett). I think so.
    Here`s something for the tip of your nose!

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