OK....so I'm going to be 53 and finally got over my thinking of after shaving it is all about the sting and not the stink when you put something on your face. Yes sorry to say after 37 years the O)ld Spice after shave has hit the trash bin. Not only has this surprised, no shocked, my wife but it has put my children into the position of having the old stand by of giving a bottle of Old Spice for Christmas , birthday or Fathers Day come to an end.
It all started after I expressed the mere idea of cologne and the next day my wife showed up with a bottle of "Le Male", naturally the bottle was an eye roll but after 28 years of marriage when the wife says just try it ...you do. Well I was shocked....could it be I ACTUALLY liked what came out of this very strange bottle? No...it is not possible...yet I found myself wearing it again and again. So I have given in and I am attempting to build a base of colognes but I need a bit of help.

I have been on the hunt and smelled countless cologne as well as containers of coffe beans. I have found I like a subtle but long lasting colognes. I have built a very small and after reading the information on basenotes, I find a very basic collection.
I currently have the following;
Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male
Davidoff - Cool Waters
Armani - Code (code black)
Nautica - Oceans
Beckham - Instinct ( not a big fan, bought a small bottle for a few bucks on a whim)

Any suggestions for additions would be welcome, I have seen many on here liking Creed however I'm not quite ready to spend $200- $300 for a bottle yet....remember I just tossed the Old Spice.