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View Poll Results: If you can have only 1 full bottle of Amouage, which one of thes would you buy ?

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  • Ciel Man

    2 1.90%
  • Ciel Woman

    0 0%
  • Dia Man

    5 4.76%
  • Dia Woman

    2 1.90%
  • Epic Man

    11 10.48%
  • Epic Woman

    1 0.95%
  • Gold Man

    5 4.76%
  • Gold Woman

    0 0%
  • Honour Man

    2 1.90%
  • Honour Woman

    0 0%
  • Jubilation 25

    5 4.76%
  • Jubilation XXV

    28 26.67%
  • Lyric Man

    5 4.76%
  • Lyric Woman

    0 0%
  • Memoir Man

    16 15.24%
  • Memoir Woman

    0 0%
  • Reflection Man

    11 10.48%
  • Reflection Woman

    0 0%
  • The other scent, please specify

    6 5.71%
  • Non of them is full bottle worthy, get decant or split

    6 5.71%
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    Default If you can have only 1 full bottle of Amouage, which one of thes would you buy ?

    I know someone who is going to have a flight connect at Dubai Airport so I am consider asking him to buy a bottle of Amouage from Dubai Duty-Free Shop.

    The attars are too expensive for me.

    If you can have only 1 full bottle of Amouage, which one of thes would you buy ?

    I already have decants of these 3 scents:
    - Jubilation XXV
    - Epic Man
    - Lyric Man

    Jubilation XXV is so beautiful, my favorite of the 3 decants I have, but it is getting tamer at the dry down.

    Epic Man is so opulent that it is harder to wear here. It is my power scent.

    Lyric Man is so rosy, that I need to find the right mood to wear it. It is my social event scent, so charming.

    But Memoir Man has all the notes and prosibly project dark and mysterious aura that I love, but it is going to be a blind buy for expensive perfume. It is my most curious to try scent.

    Which one of these you think it is the full bottle worthy ?

    Ps. By the way, Jubilation is no longer listed in the price list at Dubai Duty Free.
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    ***My favourite from my collection***

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    ------ Parfum MDCI: Invasion Barbare

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