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Thread: Facebook???

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    Default Facebook???

    I have seen and read post were members have referenced facebook as a source for purchasing frags and discussion. Does anyone know of the fb group names (s) so I can join.


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    That may have been me. I avoided saying the names in case the moderators don't like it (I'm not sure), but the one I use is just called Fragrance Swap. There are a lot of members from BN on there, and plenty of great guys and gals, as well as excellent deals.

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    I tried to join the group. It said it was closed and wouldnt allow me. Can you tell me how I can join

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    i'm a member of Fragrance Swap

    you all can add me on facebook as long as we only talk about fragrances in private

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    Can someone add me as well

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    I've thought about finally getting FB for this reason, but then I though naaah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JiveHippo View Post
    I've thought about finally getting FB for this reason, but then I though naaah.

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    The FB groups are pretty nice. They do a decent job of banning the scammers. I've gotten some gems on the FB Fragrance Swap group including some New Haarlem, Gucci PH 1, and Gucci Envy for cheap.
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