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Thread: Puig Quorom

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    Default Puig Quorom

    Hi all first post on here.

    I was just wondering peoples opinions on this fragrence. I ordered it online because it was only $15 or so and Id read good things about it. I hate it though, it feels too dated (i am aware it is an old frag!) and something my grandfather would wear. At least for the top/middle notes, I prefer the base notes a bit more when the leather/tobacco comes through.

    Does anyone young wear this and do you get away with it?

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    I wear, own and love Quorum.
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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    I love the stuff, but I'll admit, it might be a tough one to pull off for younger guys. I ain't young anymore. Also am not looking to impress women. I think my wife and daughters just tolerate it, and enjoy stuff like 1 Million much more on me.
    My male co-workers like it, but we are all 40's and up.
    On the plus side, you didn't pay much for it. So it's just a lesson in blind-buying. Some ya win, and some ya lose.

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    Quorum is one of the definitive 80's powerhouse fragrances. It's green, mean, and LOUD. It smells like a midnight stroll through a dark, desolate forrest. Though many here do not believe that fragrances have ages, I feel that Quroum is not for young men. It certainly smells dated and old fashioned, as many powerhouses do. It's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just that back in the 80's, before Acqua Di Gio or Le Male, that's what men smelled like. I like it, but it's not something I wear often at all. If I do, I'll just wear one spray on my chest b/c this thing is BEAST MODE. It's likely been reformulated since it's original inception, so I'm sure it smelled much better back in the day.
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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    I guess I'm in the minority as I don't like this fragrance at all.

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    I wore this when I was 16 years old, but that was in the early 90's. I really like this fragrance, gives the wearer more masculinity. I bought one this year, but gave it to my father since he also likes Quorum a lot, and he is the influence to my fragrance passion.
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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    i wouldn't give quorom to my worst enemy.

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    I like this scent and one of the only reasons I don't wear this one is simply explained by the fact that it's simply not so common neither in regular nor in online retail, at least in the vicinity of/with shipping possibilities to the locality where I live. Also, in my late twenties, I don't perceive this scent being too dated for my taste.

    Aside from that, it would be quite likely that this scent were a staple, a regular presence in my fragrance rotation.

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    It is a mature fragrance. I do believe, however, that even young men can pull off more mature scents if they wear them right...meaning light on the trigger and carry yourself with the appropriate confidence.
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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    I like many of these old fragrances, incl Quorum. Perhaps not completely versatile when young now as the fashion has changed, I wouldn't wear it on a date for example, but one can still enjoy them on other occasions. You may even attract some mature ladies if lucky, or younger ones looking for a guy who smells old lol. If you enjoy it, wear it.

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    I'm not a fan either. In fact, it's probably my least favorite fragrance of all the ones I've ever smelled.

    I also agree with Profumo Saggio - no fragrance is too "mature" if you like it and wear it with confidence.

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    Also first post here.

    Had a first sniff of Quorum, last week or so, with eyes wide open and hair on end. It was so intense, woody experience of sawdust and carpentry I couldn't wear it, who wants to smell like sawdust ? Few days later I had my first sniff at Versaces The Dreamer, brought me to tobaccoland, nice, warm, sweet and close comfy feeling.

    Then I sprayed some of both on my chest/neck and that changed the image of Quorum, I wanted it now !

    I also layer The Dreamer with Zirh Corduroy (to me a leathery scent, think of 70's furniture or dito car seats) for best result, and I can wear Corduroy alone. I tend not to wear Quorum alone, I prefer some sweetness combined to it.

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    Default Re: Puig Quorom

    Quote Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post
    i wouldn't give quorom to my worst enemy.
    Why? Isn't your worst enemy man enough to pull it off? If that's the case, just give it to me.

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