Hello all, I'm going to be turning 18 at the end of this year, and I'm looking for a fragrance I could wear to school daily. The weather in my country (Singapore) is pretty much humid and warm all year round.

I'm a football player, and I'd describe myself as laid-back? Normally in shorts and a tee with a cardigan when I'm out, very casual, not the very girly sort. I don't really like florals, but I like fruity scents - I really love Body Shop's home fragrance oils. What would be a good fragrance to wear on a daily basis that doesn't come on too strong? I like fruity scents but I'm open to others (I really liked Tiffany for Men and Guerlain Vetiver when I smelt them) but I'd like to stay away from sickly sweet scents. (There are people in my school who smell like melted Skittles and it's quite unpleasant) but it'll be nice to have a fresh-smelling fruity scent or something more woody.