Since I've started reading these boards and accompanying articles, I've gotten myself deeper in the world of scents far more than I can keep track. I have so many samples I'm dying to go through but, my dilemma is always the same:

When is the right occasion to wear each scent?

Now, obviously I won't know when to wear a scent until I sample a scent for the first time. So, my question to everyone is, how do you guys categorize your scents? And what do you have under each occasion?

I know some people don't 'believe' in occasion wearing but, I often find that some scents just suited certain situations.

Here's kind of what I have, still working on it though. I have many samples that I have yet to categorize.

Warmer Weather Daytime/Hanging Out:
- Creed Aventus, Original Santal, Himalaya, GIT
- Guerlain Vetiver (extreme)
- Prada Infusion D'Homme, Iris
- Chanel Jersey (undecided), Allure Homme Sport, Edition Blanche
- By Kilian Prelude to Love
- Frederic Malle Dans Tes Bras, Iris Poudre
- Gucci Sport
- Boss by Hugo Boss
- Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Warm Weather Nighttime:
- Not too sure what fits here

Cool Weather Daytime/ Cool Weather Nighttime scents:
- Chanel Sycomore
- Hermes Vetiver Tonka
- Guerlain LIDG, LIDGE
- Creed Original Santal, Himalaya, Love in Black
- By Kilian, Liason Dangereous, Rose Oud, Love
- Tom Ford Urban Musk, Tobacco Vanille, Noir, Black Orchid (One of my favourite lines)
- YSL La Nuit

Formal Scents (weddings, not formal business wear):
- Guerlain LIDGE
- By Kilian Back to Black
- Tom Ford Noir
- Chanel Sycomore

Cold Weather Scents (I'm in Toronto):
- Anything with Oud
- Heavier Gourmands
- Guerlain LIDG (probably my favourite)

What about you guys? How do you guys categorize and what other categories do you have?