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    Thumbs up Categorizing Your Scents

    Since I've started reading these boards and accompanying articles, I've gotten myself deeper in the world of scents far more than I can keep track. I have so many samples I'm dying to go through but, my dilemma is always the same:

    When is the right occasion to wear each scent?

    Now, obviously I won't know when to wear a scent until I sample a scent for the first time. So, my question to everyone is, how do you guys categorize your scents? And what do you have under each occasion?

    I know some people don't 'believe' in occasion wearing but, I often find that some scents just suited certain situations.

    Here's kind of what I have, still working on it though. I have many samples that I have yet to categorize.

    Warmer Weather Daytime/Hanging Out:
    - Creed Aventus, Original Santal, Himalaya, GIT
    - Guerlain Vetiver (extreme)
    - Prada Infusion D'Homme, Iris
    - Chanel Jersey (undecided), Allure Homme Sport, Edition Blanche
    - By Kilian Prelude to Love
    - Frederic Malle Dans Tes Bras, Iris Poudre
    - Gucci Sport
    - Boss by Hugo Boss
    - Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

    Warm Weather Nighttime:
    - Not too sure what fits here

    Cool Weather Daytime/ Cool Weather Nighttime scents:
    - Chanel Sycomore
    - Hermes Vetiver Tonka
    - Guerlain LIDG, LIDGE
    - Creed Original Santal, Himalaya, Love in Black
    - By Kilian, Liason Dangereous, Rose Oud, Love
    - Tom Ford Urban Musk, Tobacco Vanille, Noir, Black Orchid (One of my favourite lines)
    - YSL La Nuit

    Formal Scents (weddings, not formal business wear):
    - Guerlain LIDGE
    - By Kilian Back to Black
    - Tom Ford Noir
    - Chanel Sycomore

    Cold Weather Scents (I'm in Toronto):
    - Anything with Oud
    - Heavier Gourmands
    - Guerlain LIDG (probably my favourite)

    What about you guys? How do you guys categorize and what other categories do you have?

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    I definitely am a seasonal type: I find that certain perfumes seem to work better, and somehow smell brighter, as the mercury rises or falls. I am not sure if the perfume makers intend this, or if it is just because we have some climactic extremes here in Canada. This would certainly not apply to folks living in relatively constant climates..although humidity does vary even there.

    Apart from rotating certain frags in or out, as the seasons progress, I don't really order them. I wear what I find appropriate to the situation. There is no doubt that certain events such as funerals or business functions require careful consideration, but as for the rest, I let my mood dictate the choices.

    Nice perfumes you have there, by the way.

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    I'm not too strict on dividing the scents, but I agree with most of your list. For me, vetivers or light florals are great for the heat and summer, orientals, ouds, and leathers for colder weather.

    One difference with you is that I consider Sycomore the perfect scent for DC's sticky summer heat. To me, it is primarily a vetiver, so fresh and clean, but the touch of woods make it elegant enough to be used in business occasions. But many people are more like you and think Sycomore a dark, woody and warmer scent for the fall.

    I see you don't have much leather - to me, leather is the perfect scent for cold, rainy days, things like Knize Ten, Rien, or the like just cut through the fog.


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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    Personally don't categorize my scents at all.

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    Nothing wrong with wearing some leather oud in the 100 degree heat.

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    Broad categories are by season - I can't have all of them on the bathroom shelf, actual temperature on the day, time of day and certain occasion (work/job interviews etc./play/date/special occasions incl. balls). My current warm weather evening favourite is Penhaligon's Castille, followed by Lubin's L (vintage) and Santa Maria Novella's Melograno.

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    here's how i categorize my colognes:
    - will help get laid
    - will not help me get laid

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    I agree with those who don't categorize too much. Yes I do like certain scents in warmer or cooler weather or for certain occasions but that's not so scientific. I just wear them based on my mood and what feels right at the time.
    Certainly nothing with micro-sub categories of the original post.

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    Quote Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post
    here's how i categorize my colognes:
    - will help get laid
    - will not help me get laid
    And that is why you're still a virgin
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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    Never been one for pigeonholing, whether it be by season, occasion, or gender.

    I have one category - fragrance. Nothing more required

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    I mainly use the H&R system of categorisation. In separate drawers and mixed in with the clothes that I wear, I keep fougeres, ambery fougeres, chypres, ambery orientals, and spicy orientals. I have another separate drawer for fresh chypres/citruses (for summer) and yet another one for niche stuff.

    Under my bathroom vanity unity I have yet another category - the ones that don't last much longer than 3 hours (many of which are classified as woody-spicy in the PerfumeWorld classification system). These are handy for the beach or for going on a quick shopping trip.

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    I'm really looking for more leathers. I bought a decant of TomFord Tuscan Leather and I absolutely love it. Amazing.

    And to the rest of the posters, I guess I wasn't clear but my decisions are based seasonally too. It's just sometimes at night, I feel the need to wear something darker or thicker.

    Anyone big users of L'artisan? I'm really looking to sample some, just not too sure what to get. I've samples Tea for Two and as amazing as it is, I'm just not sure when I'd wear. Honestly it makes me a little sick haha.

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    Default Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    L'Eau de Navigateur is quite nice, especially if you don't mind a dash of coffee.

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