I posted on here before trying to see which one would be better between givenchy pi or egoiste. Egoiste seems to have more love on here from what I have seen. However I've really started taking an interest in colognes lately especially the gourmands and can't make up my mind on which 1 or 2 to buy next. Here is what I'm debating between:

Egoiste Chanel
L'instant de Guerlain
La Nuit De L'homme
Rochas Man
Givenchy Pi
Lolita Lempicka Au Maculine
New Haarlem Bond No 9
Dior Homme Intense
Pure Malt Thierry Mugler

As you can tell I have more than a few Im choosing between and its a tough decision. I have Le Male and Angel Men so far and like both. If you were me and had to pick two which one's would you choose and why?