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    Default aroma chemical questions

    I have a few newbie type questions which I can't seem to find the answer to...

    1. For floral perfumes (lily, orchid, jasmine, rose, white florals etc) - is it necessary to have both amyl cinnamic aldehyde AND hexyl cinnamic aldehyde or can I make do with just one of them?

    2. If I want to make a tuberose perfume is it essential to buy methyl salicylate/wintergreen? I'm looking to make a soft tuberose (aka miller harris's sweet soft version) ie one which does NOT have the rubber/gasoline/menthol type note which is so noticeable in serge luten's tuberose criminelle (which I assume is the wintergreen note)?

    3. I am looking at buying Aurantiol instead of methyl anthranilate for use in tuberose perfume (I read that methyl anthranilate can react with aldehydes =schiff base and go brown). Can aurantiol replace methyl anthranilate for a tuberose perfume or should I just buy methyl anthranilate anyway and hope that when it reacts with my C11 and cinnamic aldehydes that it turns out OK?? (I read butyl anthranilate smells similar and won't react with aldehydes but I can't find a supplier for this for small amounts in Europe).

    (note: I will also be using methyl benzoate to make the tuberose perfume).

    4. I keep seeing benzyl alcohol or benzyl benzoate coming up in formulas - I assume as solvents/fillers? Would it be a good idea to purchase these or can I make do without them?

    5. If I have both lyral and lilial is it still necessary to buy Hydroxycitronellal ?

    Thanks for your help.

    Happy new year.
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