So, I'm curious. Does anyone have any rough estimates or something regarding the number of fragrances sold? For example: 1 Million ('masculine' one)

I've read from what people have posted about certain frag(s) being .. really popular, for example.

How popular might they ACTUALLY be? Relative to the population.

Now, 1 Million does seem like a popular fragrance, however, how many people in say... the USA even wear fragrance such as edp/edt? ~10%? ~25%? etc.

How many of that percentage even wears a particular fragrance (1 Million for example again).

I've also read about people smelling a certain fragrance around/a lot/'everywhere' or w/e.

Basically, how common are certain fragrances actually.

Can someone give me an example of in a typical night/day/week/etc how many times they think they've smelled a particular fragrance and what kind of locations (club, mall, etc.)

A mini side note that's related: Aventus seems to be really popular on this sub-forum; however, it's probably not that popular at all in the general population when it comes to owners of it, not only because of the brand not being as well known, but largely the price.