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    Default Refrigerating Fragrance & Creed MI

    Hello Basenotes,

    I have a couple of questions for you guys.

    I just got MI from fragrancenet and was happy to see that it was a 2012 batch; it seems to have the same sharp watermelon notes that is seemingly characteristic of 2011s formulation. I have a couple of concerns though. I had my fragrance shipped to the east coast where I was staying for a few weeks. The weather was chilly and the fragrance itself stayed at a constant cold temeprature (about 60F and kept in a dark area). I just flew into Hawaii last night, and it is much warmer and much more humid. I sprayed it today, and the watermelon seemed muted. I was concerned that the plane ride and the change in climate somehow changed the fragrance. I had read (or thought I read) on a couple of forums that refrigerating fragrance was a good idea, especially in warmer climates. I left the cologne in the fridge for about 8 hours. Paranoia sank in and I re-researched the refrigeration concept. After reading a couple of forums saying refrigeration was a bad idea, I took it out of the fridge. I have not sprayed it since.

    My concern is this. Will exposing my cologne this drastic temp changes destroy it? I do not plan on refrigerating it again, I am just concerned that I potentially ruined it by putting it in the fridge for that brief period today.

    Also, the fragrance itself is going from the east coast climate, to Hawaii for a few days, and then staying in Arizona permanently when I return. How is the best way to store it during my travels? Right now, it is in its box inside of a dark suitcase.
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