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View Poll Results: Your favorite lavender?

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  • Antonio Puig - Agua Lavanda

    12 7.55%
  • By Kilian - A Taste of Heaven

    22 13.84%
  • Caldey Abbey Perfumes - Caldey Island Lavender

    3 1.89%
  • Caron - Pour un Homme

    35 22.01%
  • Chanel - Jersey

    5 3.14%
  • Crabtree & Evelyn - Lavender

    0 0%
  • Creed - Royal Scottish Lavender

    10 6.29%
  • Czech & Speake - Oxford & Cambridge

    13 8.18%
  • Dior - Eau Noire

    3 1.89%
  • État Libre d'Orange - Antihéros

    3 1.89%
  • Geo F. Trumper - Lavender Water

    0 0%
  • Guerlain - Jicky

    32 20.13%
  • Hermès - Brin de Réglisse

    7 4.40%
  • Jean Patou - Patou pour Homme Privé

    7 4.40%
  • L'Occitane - L'Occitan

    3 1.89%
  • Lorenzo Villoresi - Wild Lavender

    1 0.63%
  • Parfum d'Empire - Fougère Bengale

    1 0.63%
  • Parfums de Nicolaï - Nicolaï pour Homme

    2 1.26%
  • Serge Lutens - Gris Clair...

    24 15.09%
  • Other

    24 15.09%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Oxford & Cambridge, A Taste of Heaven and Agua Lavanda are my favourites.

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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Thanks, everybody - I'm really thrilled to see this thread revived. The race for 1st place is still very close, and now it seems A Taste of Heaven is quickly picking up speed, narrowly surpassing Gris Clair... in 3rd place at the moment. Agua Lavanda has also added significantly to its scores this second time around. Very exciting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny_Ludlow View Post
    (...) Helmut Lang EdC (...) is not often classified as a lavender fragrance, but I think it's a viable classification.
    Thanks and yes, I agree there's a fair bit of lavender going on in that one, too. However, rather than in this poll I entered the Helmut Lang EdC in my very recent "favorite musk" poll, and noticed that you voted for it there instead. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    YSL Libre!

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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Pour un Homme layered with Caldey Island Lavender

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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Not a big fan of the note but Amouage Reflection is well balanced.

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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Probably A Taste of Heaven. But since it's too pricey for me, I'd say Cool Water, Drakkar Noir, and Cuba Gold, or maybe even Le Male, thought I prefer Cuba Gold, because it's more economical and has more woodsy notes.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    Great idea!
    Quote Originally Posted by pluran View Post
    Pour un Homme layered with Caldey Island Lavender
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    Default Re: Your favorite lavender?

    I am sorry guys, but I think Caron Pour Un Homme is disgusting. The combination of lavender and vanilla is a disaster, in my opinion. My nose rejects it. My brain rejects it. I blind bought it and sold it quickly.

    I advise you to try before you buy. I advise you to buy Agua Lavanda instead, which is a truly beautiful single-note perfume.

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