I have to share this discovery with lovers of both vintage and high quality orientals.

I bought a used bottle of this classic for 'a song', thinking that if it didn't appeal, it would not be much of a loss. Well, this is magical stuff. It is bursting with fine ingredients, a gorgeous blend showcasing a particularly lovely orange blossom with other flowers, all built upon a vanilla/musk/incense base.

If you love Replique, you'll love this. They have a similar approach to perfumery, that high-French, sumptuous style of the 20s, 30s and 40s. This perfume is definitely of another era, but like Replique, is eminently wearable today and shouts class and elegance.

Since today is the first time I have ever had this perfume, I am still learning to understand it. There is a great deal in this perfume. It has depth and nuances that will take time to identify and recognise.

I'm fairly wholeheartedly decisive in my perfume reactions. Things either 'speak' to me or they don't. When a perfume is love at first sniff, it is celebrated and more is acquired when possible. I currently have my eye on the classic bottle, that gorgeous work of Art that Toujours Moi came in for many years. Sadly it doesn't have the gilding that typifies the best bottles. It's only 30mls but, if used sparingly, should last quite a while. This is heady stuff, and a little goes a long way. I only have the cologne and it is marvellous, so should this be the parfum, I'll be in heaven.

Do read the review in Yesterday's Perfume for more detail on the notes and background to the perfume. Sadly this is another company that came upon hard times, having been taken over by Max Factor and now Toujours Moi is being produced by the emasculated Dana, with their bargain basement approach to perfumery.