Hello all

I have been interested in fragrance for years, did a little dabbling in studying here & there. Loved perfume for years, but it was only when I got into a soapmaking binge awhile ago did I get interested in fragrance for itself.

A few months ago, I decided to get serious about studying perfumery, am beginning to assemble a beginner's organ to start developing a more sophisticated nose. I'm trying to develop a self-directed course of study in perfumery, for which I'm going to dedicate this next year in pursuing, in addition to my university classes.I've returned to college, to finally finish a degree - in business, perhaps international, and am taking courses to supplement my interest in perfumery --currently chemistry, and later, as I see others that may help in my endeavors.

Of course, finding Basenotes was finding the motherlode. I look forward to reading old & new threads, learning from so many skilled & opinionated members, and, hopefully, being able to contribute someday as well.

I lean towards preferring naturally sourced ingredients, but do not know enough about perfumery to be certain, beyond some ethical, economic & ecological reasons to go for synthetics. But processed & artificially flavored foods are so unappealing as opposed to naturally flavored foods, which have a depth and complexity that artificial flavors cannot match. With my limited knowledge, I just don't at the moment see that fragrances - synthetic vs natural - would not also follow. I look forward to learning enough to have an INFORMED opinion.

So much fun!