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    Default V.S.O.P. by Paul Sebastian: Now this one is really good !

    Just obtained some today, and my first thought was that Punjab by Capucci may have been the inspiration. Thick as lead at first, with strong lavender, but not of a fougere nature. This is herbal and more solitary than being part of an accord. Then oriental notes rise up and compete. I don't get strong patchouli or anything animalic here, though patchouli is more obvious later on, when it "loosens up." There seem to be quite a few notes, including spices and woods, with the lavender and herbal elements (oakmoss seems likely too). What's excellent is that there is something in the base that seems to lighten this up (sort of like mint/pine/galbanum/juniper berry kinds of things), which is uncommon. Usually if a scent goes oriental it stays heavy, slowly fading away. Here it's like V.S.O.P. kicks into a higher gear. I was hesitant about this one because the original comes across to me as one big accord and gets boring quickly (I have the original formulation), but this is really good, though perhaps a bit derivative. Anyone else try this one?

    UPDATE: Several hours in and it's quite dry, with what may be leather, incense, wood, and a touch of patchouli (along with some vanilla/amber). This one is for those who like really aromatic scents, but with a "twist" to make things more dynamic and interesting.
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    Default Re: V.S.O.P. by Paul Sebastian: Now this one is really good !

    Glad you found redeeming value in this. Personally never liked it.

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    Default Re: V.S.O.P. by Paul Sebastian: Now this one is really good !

    Wonderfully rich, classy and highly distinctive scent which elegantly blends woodsy elements with citrus and exotic spices. So much more refined and complex than the original PS, it's really hard to imagine why they continued the original and got rid of this amazing juice. I just won a 1 oz. bottle on ebay and consider myself truly fortunate - it smells divine and the ladies love it!

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