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    Default Mauresque fragrances?

    Has anyone ever tried the fragrances by Mauresque?

    I saw these prominently displayed in a shop this morning, but unfortunately I was in a hurry and didn't have time to try them. They are inspired by North African culture. Here is the link to their website:

    And here are the perfumers who created the fragrances:

    Alienor Massenet (Antidote, Intuition for Men, Only the Brave, Tous in Heaven Him)

    Nicolas Beaulieau (Siam Flamboyant)

    Veronique Nyberg (Jimmy Choo, Tresor in Love, Guess Seductive)

    Dominique Ropion (too many to mention!)

    Domitille Berthier (Midnight in Paris, Flowerbomb, The Beat for Men)

    Jean-Christophe Herault (Canali dal 1934, Amazingreen, Florabotanica, Sulky)
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    Default Re: Mauresque fragrances?

    Do you happen to know where they are made/produced?

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    Default Re: Mauresque fragrances?

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Do you happen to know where they are made/produced?
    No, but I am assuming that they are made in France.

    It is curious that when you click on the "Where to Find Us" link, the only place listed is Harvey Nichols in Riyadh. This is incorrect, since I have found them here in a local mall. So this could be a Saudi financed endeavor, or at least the products are marketed to this region. I suppose there is a possibility that the fragrances could have been created by parfumeurs at IFF and manufactured at factories in Saudi Arabia, but I think it is more likely that they are made in France.
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    Default Re: Mauresque fragrances?

    I gave these a quick sniff today. The price here is about $115 per 100 ml.

    They smell good, but aren't as exotic smelling as the website and packaging would lead you to believe. They all contain some combination of oud, amber or musk, but these are used with a light hand and are detected primarily in the later stages.

    Tanger d'Or is the most traditionally masculine of the group while the floral ones are more traditionally feminine, but I consider all of them to be unisex. Marrakech Magic is the strongest while Essaouira Love is the weakest, at least to my nose.

    My favorites are Nasmat Agadir and Essaouira Love. Casablanca Jasmine is also quite good.

    The bottles are attractive enough as are the oversize boxes. I was considering buying one or two of them but was put off by the text on the back of the boxes. Mostly semi-poetic blather about exotic North Africa, rare ingredients, etc., which isn't a problem. But it is written in some sort of pidgin English, with made-up words and incorrect grammar. It's just painfully awkward. It's like they wrote something in Arabic or French and put it through an online translator. It didn't come out quite right, reading as if it were written by someone unfamiliar with the language. How hard would it have been to get an English speaker to spend one minute correcting it before going into production? This seems like a small thing, but it cheapens the impression of the product and brings to mind those obvious fakes with slightly mispelled names.

    I figured that if the people behind this line didn't care enough to make sure that the text on their packaging was on a professional level, then their attention to other aspects of the product may have been negligent as well. So I didn't buy anything.
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