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    Default Next (uk) EDP 1,2,3

    Saw a thread a while ago about Next's new fragrance range but never got round to trying them out.
    I did today and bought all 3, i was that impressed, i'm not too good on saying what i smell i just know if it smells good
    We have:
    Vetiver & Guiacwood - smooth pepper can't quite place
    Bergamot & Oakmoss - dead ringer for TF- Grey Vetiver to me
    Neroli & Black Pepper - sweet caramel pepper


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    Default Re: Next (uk) EDP 1,2,3

    How much are they going for each?

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    Default Re: Next (uk) EDP 1,2,3

    It looks suspiciously like the Rituals line:

    Which has its fans (not me though).

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    Default Re: Next (uk) EDP 1,2,3

    the 50ml are £10 the 100ml are £15

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