luckily everything is ok for now!

see the panic started this afternoon. its 36 deg here in australia and i went to apply a sample of tf azure lime, only to smell nothing but alcohol!
i panicked and tried some of my other samples, the same result, nothing but empty alcohol.

i took everything and stashed it into the bottom drawer of my fridge.
left it there for about an hour than transferred it to a cooler darker location in the house.
it was originally on a top shelf in my wardrobe. it sees some light during the day.

what exactly causes the fragrances to suddenly go mute??
Obviously the heat is the main factor but in what way does it interfere here, and how does that compare to your own body heat???
i'm interested in the science of it all......

tomorrow is 41 deg! is it ok to leave them in the fridge for an extended period of time?????

any help here i would be very grateful.