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    Im going purchasing a frag i like both the mont blanc but cant decide btween themneed some help 2 choose 1.wat frag do u thnk is better for a every day casual scent mont blanc legend or indviduel?Which gets u more compliaments?

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    legend, for some obvious reason I think individuel is too much for everyday scent

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    Legend gives me more compliments. It's pretty generic and smells like Chanel PE, curve and fierce. Not bad for the price, but smells quite synthetic..

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    Get Legend for the Day.
    Get Individuel for the Night.

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    legend is really good if you like abercrombie fierce but want something classier.

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    Legend and Individuel are good bit I really enjoy Presence.
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    Legend and Exceptionnel.

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    Either one is fine IMO.

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    I have both. Loved the, both

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    I asked a female friend of mine recently to smell my wrist ten minutes after I'd applied Mont Blanc Legend. She's also a bit of a fragrance head and I asked her what notes she could distinguish/what it smelled of to her nose.

    She said simply, "sex".

    A solicited compliment, but nevertheless...Anyway, I think Legend is lovely - a non-citrus fresh fruity fougere. Delicious.

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    I also own both. I don't wear Individuel often, but love it when I do...I wear Legend frequently. It's kind of my go-to frag. I can wear it in the day or on a date with my wife, and it performs well in both settings. Individuel isn't much of a date-night scent for me. I like it during the day though.
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    every i purchased legend 2day and was a great choice imo but gonna purchase indivduel ina few weeks times aswell, there both really nice

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    Have to go with Legend

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    Quote Originally Posted by noirdrakkar View Post
    legend is really good if you like abercrombie fierce but want something classier.

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