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Thread: Staining oils

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    Default Staining oils

    I set up a mix which resulted quite nice to me but still has some problem. One of them is the colour: I see that both on paper and on skin it leaves an intense brownish stain and I guess I cannot use it this way. I fear that the responsible of this feature are peru balsam and labdanum absolutes, which I used in cospicuous quantities (within the IFRA limits). How do you suggest to act in this case? Are there discoloured versions of the ingredients cited above? Just to be clear, the overall concentration of the juice is just below 17% so it's in the range of EDP
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    There is at least one labdanum product with a less intense colour; Labdasur can be got in small quantities online from ProxiSanté a French company. Don't know exactly how its made, but I assume it's extracted from the natural product. Its odour is supposed to be more leathery and animalic, however I didn't find it hugely different from the labdanum resinoid I had been using. I would say it's more powerful and refined, very long lasting too.

    Don't know about the Peru Balsam. I don't see many decolourised materials offered in small quantities although they are produced - Oakmoss for example.

    BTW, the pic is of Labdasur at 10% in ethanol.
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