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    Default Armani Eau pour Homme (1984) vintage

    Is there a way to recognize the vintage juice from the reformulated one, only looking at the cardboard box?
    Impossible to open and smell

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    Default Re: Armani Eau pour Homme (1984) vintage

    Not sure if you can tell from the box without seeing the bottle.

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    Default Re: Armani Eau pour Homme (1984) vintage

    This is the dirty-play in the shops : putting many sealed bottles in a row, with a vintage tester in front of these.
    The potential buyer try the tester, and "oh it smells wonderful", and pick and pay the bottles.
    Reformulated ones, of course.
    Really a dirty game!

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    Default Re: Armani Eau pour Homme (1984) vintage

    Well, no means definitive, but the current version has no Oak Moss listed on the box. The previous version did but I hear that one wasn't that great either. If you see only alcohol and fragrance listed as ingredients, then it's probably vintage. Just my intuition.
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    Default Re: Armani Eau pour Homme (1984) vintage

    Here a picture from two different ages : left bottle EDT dated 2009, right one (AfterShave) dated 2004 . Your opinion?
    in the left: Oakmoss "extract" only ; in the right Oakmoss and treemoss "extracts".
    (BTW: oakmoss was banned in year 2001......)

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