I was out and about today and decided to stop by Von Maur to treat my nose to some scents. I was introduced to Mont Blanc's fragrances. I had previously not read any reviews or done any research on Mont Blanc's fragrances, but when I tried Legend, I was pleasantly suprised. A few reviewers say that legend smells similar to A&F Fierce with a little more class and sophistication. I agree completely. I don't know why there are only seven reviews currently of this fragrance.

After sampling legend on the card, i sprayed my hand to be able to get a better idea of it's life cycle, and i could not stop smelling my hand all day. I sprayed it on my hand close to 10 hours before writing this thread and I can still smell it loud and clear through five or six hand washings. Great projection, great longevity.

They also had Individuel that Von Maur which I regrettably did not sample. A few reviewers have said it is somewhat similar to Creed Original Santal. While I have not sampled that scent either, it seems, as with most creeds, to have a good fanbase.

I will soon be going back to get samples of both of these fragrances by Mont Blanc and im sure a few more, and if any of you have not sampled Mont Blancs stuff, i highly encourage it, as im sure you will not be disappointed.
They are cheap too. Fragrancenet has 75ml Individuel for $30.55 with 20% off coupon, and Legend is $39.35, also with 20% off coupon. For those prices, its tough to be disappointed.