Hi All
New member, assiduously reading old threads to try to not repeat posts/questions/discussions

I am embarking on training my nose this year. I assembled a list of about 150 natural essences and synthetic materials (with a significant contribution from Basenote threads, thank you) and have begun to assemble my organ.

I am taking to heart many repeated statements to document provenance of each material (especially natural), and of each experiment of blends. So I am, at the beginning of my journey, trying to develop a system to organize and label that organ I'm assembling, as well as the accords & beginner's fragrances I develop.

I've read a few threads where people discuss spreadsheets that they develop as they blend, I don't think I'm quite there yet, but I want to make sure that the system I use will be what I need when I am at that more skilled level.

Right now, with my minimal knowledge, as I acquire my base materials, I'm going to do 10% and 1% dilution (in alcohol) solutions to train my nose and to use while I experiment in blending. I'm contemplating using differing color bottles, cobalt for natural because I love cobalt and lean towards the natural, and brown for synthetic. I haven't figured out what to do with the accords I build, but as at the moment, I'm a complete beginner, I probably will use clear bottles for them, as well as for the beginning fragrances I develop. Perhaps, in the future, I will also do dilutions in oil, such as jojoba, as evidently fragrances behave differently in oil as opposed to alcohol. Cool dark storage is not a problem.

Minor question, is using dropper bottles ok for scent training, blend experimentation, or will the rubber in the droppers negatively impact scent? Or is the negative impact less damaging than the oxidization of repeatedly opening undiluted containers of EO's etc?

But the main question is, I am thinking about placing my (diluted bottled) notes somewhat in an order following Michael Edward's fragrance wheel. Otherwise, I am at a complete loss. Single notes vs accords, how do?

May I ask what you do? How do you organize your materials and your organ? How do you document?

thank you, and I look forward to seeing what other people practice