We're back again! And this time, it sounds *quite* intriguing.....


I chose an Untitled this time that I think is very interesting. It is an innovation because it is taking a genre and turning it on its head. It is a style of a scent, style of olfactory art, that has been done classically in a certain way. They've taken the same style but they've done materials, in this case, that are the exact opposite of what you're supposed to put in this style of scent. They used a wonderful artist, who's terrific and based in New York. His work is brilliant and the brilliance of his work, one in particular, which was taking something and making it appear one way but actually be another... that is the same magic he has done here. There is a gourmand where there should not be a gourmand. There is an opacity where there should be a transparency. I'm going to let you smell this for yourself...this mash up and mixing of this style. I hope you enjoy it.
Hmmmmmm. An artist in New York City? Highly innovative and somewhat contrarian in his technique? Possibly IFF, methinks? All I can say for sure - it sounds *really* interesting!

And I'm goin' for it!