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    Unhappy Sweetness boosts scents ?

    My nose stops working at times....?

    I smell almost of nothing dispite putting 6-7 sprays of Gucci Pour Homme II edt on chest, neck and wrists after a long hot shower. Clean towel and shirt, no shower gel used. Earlier today I couldn't get enought of one spray on a wrist...

    Many times I've layered scents, like the sweet The Dreamer (Versace) or Rochas Man with others, I can clearly feel both edts those times, creating a nice blend.

    Why is the 6-7 sprays gone ?
    edt evaporates quickly sometimes ?

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    Default Re: Sweetness boosts scents ?

    Maybe your skin chemistry reacts differently to different scents.

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    Default Re: Sweetness boosts scents ?

    maybe drier skin later in the day, after 2h workout and shower ? I felt my hands were very dry, they never are otherwise.

    hopefully better experience tomorrow again, coz I had a good time earlier today with GphII.

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    Default Re: Sweetness boosts scents ?

    Did you apply the scent straight after your shower? Try waiting at least 30 minutes to allow the skin temperature to return to normal first, otherwise the scent can burn off very quickly.
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    Default Re: Sweetness boosts scents ?

    yes, no much waiting there I'm afraid ! Get dry and spray on edt before I put shirt on I'll do it properly tomorrow, before workout ! thx.

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