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    Default La Nuit frozen cologne

    Has anyone here ever tried La Nuit Frozen Cologne? I love the original La Nuit so do you think i would love this one? It looks like a summer version of La Nuit, but i can't tell if this one is an EDT or EDP.. Do you think this a buy or pass?? thanks
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    Default Re: La Nuit frozen cologne

    If you like La Nuit then go for it.

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    Default Re: La Nuit frozen cologne

    It's not bad at all.
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    Default Re: La Nuit frozen cologne

    I bought this when it still wasn't readily available in the US (had mine sent from Ireland) and it's ok. I'm a HUGE YSL fan, and have tried everything to include every flanker, ever produced, and this one is just meh. It's nice, but it seems to be lacking something. It just doesn't 'pop'! The top notes do give it a 'chilly' quality, probably due to the citrus overload, but then it seems to dry down to the usual La Nuit after about an hour. I traded my bottle after about a month of use, and I doubt I'll ever buy it again unless I'm just looking to complete my flanker collection.

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